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05-19-2010, 05:21 PM
The point of this promotion is to get new people into this game and KEEP them here to provide a sustainable income to Cryptic.

Thus, I will happily concede the Galaxy-X being an exclusive deal to this program IF it becomes mandatory that 5 players must remain in this game for the Galaxy-X to remain in the recruiter inventory.

For fairness... lets make it a longer period... lets say... 3 months.

Keep 5 of your recruits in the game for 3 months, you get the Galaxy-X permanantly.

However, from 1 - 3 months of subscription if the person has less than 5 people subscribed = Galaxy-X Removed.

For added fairness, increased the amount of active invites to 10, that way someone can have up to 10 Referals active if their REALLY good.


The cheaters have a harder time paying for it
The game gets a sustainable income from the cheaters that DO go for it.
That sustainable income can be used to improve the game for ALL of us.

The chances of ACTUAL recruiters getting FRIENDS into the game goes up rather than the shameful shilling that goes on now. Thus with friends being invited there is less chance of these shameful shillers just bribing / coercing and blackmailing random folks who have no interest in the game and will leave in short order.

Yeah, that would be fun addition to this program.