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05-19-2010, 05:49 PM
Standard color idk.
I admit that in a game I prefer explosions over scanning things. Games are interactive, I want to interact, not scan.

When it comes to movies, I can tolerate mindless explosions and overly aggressive characters, but not coming from a franchise that always asked more of people.

Abram's movie lacked a deep plot. The character's were your typical, shallow young adults, all of whom should have been medicated for being bipolar (except Scotty, I liked how he was portrayed). The actors were picked like most actors are now a days, with a greater focus on their sex appeal rather than their acting skills.

While kirk was always a bit of a hot headed character, Spock could of been portrayed in a much better manner. The interactions between Kirk and Spock were more typical of your average soap operaing you get from the OC or The Hills, rather than the deeper interactions you'd get from other interpretations.

Uhura was a tramp. Pure and simple.

Bones actually wasn't to far off, but I can't help but feel like his character was over done a bit.

And the action, yes, the meat and potatoes of the movie. Why can't anyone hold a camera still anymore? Take the camera away from the epileptic during the action scenes! IF you're gonna put that much effort into really high quality CGI and scenery, they let me enjoy it, keep it in focus!
What is the deal with all sci-fi shows using this new "organic" cinematography that the new BSG started using?
It was an armature practice when I was recording the local air show on a cam-quarter 10 years ago, why is it suddenly getting people awards? I must have at least 50 cassette that are filled with hours of Oscar winning photography based on the most recent trends in filmography. The camera man is like the eye of god. He can hold a perfect focus and perfect shot weather he's in a tornado or standing on glass. If it's artistic or ads dramatic effect he'll give it a little shake, but never to the point that you can't see the action.

Don't get me started on the lens flares.

If anything I described above makes a good movie, then either at 25 years old I'm already too crotchety and behind the times and should switch to ensure or maybe people's standards have just plummeted and directors like JJ Abrams understand this and are capitalizing on it because movies that are just okay are cheaper to make then awesome movies, especially when they're just as popular.