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Originally Posted by S_Wall
just like scavenger hunt every patch to find him. talk to different people, get clues, maybe find his padd our something. that would be entertaining but he does work for start fleet and they should have a record of where he is suppose to be.
It could go something like this:

The "Quest" starts with those talking officers on Starbase 1, they still say he's on the Station's Lounge (gives you a reason to go there). Then you there and talk to the barkeep, and learn hes at Quinn's office.

2) You hear hes in Quinn's office, but no he's on assignment on Vulcan.

3) You go to Vulcan and find hes on Andoria. So you go to Andoria.

4) On Andoria, you get word he went to Risa for some R&R.

5) You got to Risa and learn he was diverted to defend Starbase 24.

6) After dending Starbase 24, you learn from the Captain of the USS McCoy say that he went chasing some Klingons to the Neutral Zone. So you go to K7, and overhear some officers talking that he's on Regulus for a diplomatic meeting.

7) On Regulus, you learn from the Ambassadors that the Klingons attacked after Sulu had left. Sulu went to Starbase Sierra for a mission.

8) You go to Starbase Sierra, and told by Admiral T'Nae that he was sent on a mission to drop off Admiral Harry Kim at Chiron II.

9) Go to find Admiral Kim, and he tells you the USS Posiedon was sent into Romulan Space on a mission, and has not been heard of for sometime. He suspects Romulans could be responsible.

10) During your runs in Romulan Space, you intercept an secret communique from the Tal Shiar (to Sela) that they detected the USS Posideon using the Transwarp Gate in Tannebia and suspect it went to Gamma Orionis.

11) In Cardassian Space, you run into a secret message from the USS Posideon, and learn shapeshifters were responsible, but not sure if they were Founders or not.

12) You learn that Founders were not responsible. But the ship was spoted by spies in Gamma Orionis.

13) Undine Terrordrome - You are sent to investigate and find the truth and find the real Sulu.

14) To be Continued - Alpha Quadrant Expansion?