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05-19-2010, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by adigregorio View Post
But the "Car" is the subspace bubble in my example. The "fly" is the star ship.

The fly can turn 360 degrees with no resistance due to speed/etc.
Because the air its flying and you the observer are all moving together, you only see the fly's flight track relative to your "stationary" position and the relative "stationary"(to you) air its flying in.

But then again, you severly limit the ability to fully see the relationship from an outside observer since you cant have the insect fly outside the car.

Now, my uninformed thought on the matter is that even though ships move the universe around it, there still seems to be some relative motion within/relative to some fluid around the ship. If its a fluid, it likly has a less than perfect efficiency...there will be a bit of slop. I'd assume the faster you move the fluid, the less efficient and the more slop you get. It doesnt matter if the fluid moves around you or you move through it...the relativity of the object/fluid interaction is the same.

Its like an airfoil. You can get the airfoil to to create its asymeterical displacement to produce the locomotive force to pull/move the airfoil/object through the fluid. It doesnt matter if you move the airfoil in the fluid to create the asymeterical disturbance that produces the "lift"(wing)/propulsion(prop)...or if you move the fluid around the airfoil/ still cant bend the fluid or displace the object from thier path very easily...the faster you do it, the harder it is.

A warp bubble(energy field...charged?) seems to do to sub-space/the fabric of space-time, what an ionic water jet or a magentized airfoil would by pulling the fluid its in through or around itself to produce force/propulsion.

Changing direction is going to be relative to the fluid the object is traveling in...since we the observer are stuck(more or less stationary...especially compared to the warping ship) in the fluid, the change of direction would be like the ship moving through space...if we could actually percieve it.

Thats my take...its in no way perfectly sound...its just the best I can get to piece the situtation together.