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# 1 Combat Trouble Help!
05-19-2010, 10:58 PM
Hi everyone

Im sure we all agree Space is a mighty big place and even a fleet battle can be huge. But lets suppose someone needs help. They start yelling for help, But no one knows where they are. Well I come to this one idea that might work for in the same system type help. A commander finds himself outnumbered and outgunned or soon will be. How does he or she yell for help. Well just saying is not gonna work, we all now that. But what if there was a Botton that they could press and a huge flare would shoot up from their ship and light up a section of space. Now were getting somewhere and help may be able to arrive in time to make a difference. Thought I would mention this to everyone ans especially to those that can actually make this happen. A simple flare signaling their location, would for sure get the attention of someone that might be able to make a difference. A differne t colored flare could be used for Im lost to fellow team members or fleet members. Still another way to do this would be for them to yell help press that same button and their ship would be highlighted on everyones hud thats near by...


PS Asying several thousand years old. But very true.
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