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05-20-2010, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
WoW offers a 14-day trial period. A person can get to see a lot during that period of time. Not quite sure about other games that aren't F2P.
Fallen Earth has a 10 day Trial. Can go anywhere and do quite alot. But you're limited to level 10. I managed to build my own vehicles within that limit. Kinda neat.

Age of Conan's is 'unlimited' but you can't leave Tortage, the tutorial isle. (Which takes you to level 20) But full really good questline that takes 4 playthroughs to get the entire story on. (Soldier, Rogue, healer, mage questline all have intertwining plots)

Warhammer's trial is also 'unlimited' in duration. But lets you play up to level 10 on any/all classes.