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05-20-2010, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Nick0490
i may get banned from sto for this but i dont care. i have just resieved word that cripic will be nerfing us yet aian. i have a few things to say about that :
1. i think it should be putt to a vote wether things should be nerfed or not and not that way u an get averyones' opinion nt just the snivilling and winning brats that obviously think that it must be the game's fault that they cant play when in reality my dog could play ********* beter than they could.
2. if the science and tactical are being nerfed why not engeners
3. some people in cryptic are obviously monkeies because no sentiant being would be stupid enough to both buff the AIs and nerf everything else
4. if it keep on like this i can garentee u that sto will lose more players than they can count "if cryptic could count"
summary: i prepose that all changes to the game be put to a populas vote

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Did you go on the Tribble server to test these change before posting your rant? If not, you should because posting without testing does not help one bit. For myself i tried last night on one of my character and i did not much of a change. He is at Captain lvl 6, engineer with an escort. Tonight i will try my tactical officer with a cruiser to see how thing go but he is only at Lt C 6 so i do not know if thing will be the same.