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05-20-2010, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Hagon View Post
There's no point in speaking for the Klingon faction.

It's dead.

It was dead and not knowing it before the game was released.

It was dead the minute Cryptic made the bonehead decisions of making the faction too PvP oriented, and not giving it as varied content as the Fed side. From that point on it was destined to just be a modified version of LotRO monster play, and there was no way the faction was ever going to draw enough players to play. Unfortunately too many of us fell for the out and out lies Cryptic people were spouting, and held out hope that they could right the ship relatively quickly after launch. We see now they really never had any intent to right anything. In fact they're intent on only making it worse, and shifting their attention elsewhere.

Blaming the downfall of STO on Atari or CBS is childish. It's fanboism at it's most desperate. Always the other guy's fault.

Cryptic negotiated the deals. The blame lays squarely on them. They laid out the game they wanted to make, and continued advertising THAT game for almost a year and a half, if not more. So in truth, for most of that time they were falsely advertising the game through omission of information regarding the changes being made.

If they couldn't achieve that then the onus was on them to either fight for delaying the release of the game, and if they couldn't delay it they should have simply said they were done with it. That's what they should have done if they respected the source IP at all.

Now we have unbalanced people trying to convince others they should continue to pay for an unfinished game, and yes, using the term unfinished is valid when discussing a mmo. There's a huge difference between a mmo continually evolving over time, and a company knowingly releasing an unfinished mmo with not even close to enough content and then expecting subscribers to finance the game's completion up to a point it should have been at release. The latter is the game that Cryptic seems to be trying to play, and I suspect it will be a pattern for them in the future if we the customers don't put a stop to it now. It's up to the members of the mmo gaming communities to not let them get away with this.

Not now, nor in the future.

We all need to cancel our STO subscriptions as soon as possible, and never give Cryptic another dime. We need to do this to send a clear message to other development companies that they can't try and pull the same underhanded crap as Cryptic has pulled with STO. There will soon be an organized "front", if you will, to make sure what Cryptic has done to ruin STO is never forgotten on any site related to mmo gaming. I hope most of you that have not given up in anger yet will join that effort when you finally come to your senses.
Awesome post Hagon.