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05-21-2010, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
The Playable Borg and Price were both part of Prelaunch Lifetime Investor Package, that is why it is not currently tied to the new lifetime subscription. It was called a Prelaunch exclusive package or something to that effect. Cryptic went on to further say that they would offer the lifetime subscription without the prelaunch exclusives packaging and the introductory price. This was actually an "EXCLUSIVE" labeled package for this title and that is why it has not been re-offered. That explains the "Exclusive" incentives, and the introductory pricing.
Still arguing the same thing eh'

I have little time for somebody who ignores facts that go against his argument and then redefines words to fit his.

The bottom line is this.

It is Cryptic's decision... not yours. And that is the only fact.