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05-21-2010, 12:52 PM
I can only agree with the link in the opening post.

I dont like EVE's gameplay, i think the tutorials are still terrible and the game is as fun as using Linux is for a Windows User.
In terms of Gameplay STO is much more fun for me.

BUT from an MMO i expect an open world that i can influence somehow, kind of like Fallout 3 or GTA just that the things i do are persistant and dont disapear when i walk around the block.

STO is just a 5 Player-Coop/Singleplayer game with a queued Multiplayer Team Deathmatch Mode and a random Mission Generator.

The Quests are done (multiple times by now).
TDM-PVP is allways the same, sure it is fun for a while but if i want to play competetive Multiplayer there are way better games for that.
The random Missions are allready very repetitive.

I am done with this Game because there is nothing intresting left to do... just waiting for a Patch so that i can click the icon again and do something that is actually worth doing.

So.... this is EXACTLY what the link in the OP describes.

I am not quitting because i payed for one year allready and want to stick arround a while longer (at least Season 2.0 sounds promissing)... but if nothing drastic like an Open PVP sector or User Generated Content is coming... well let's just say when my One Year Sub runs out in April 2011, SW TOR is announced for March 2011.