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05-21-2010, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
I don't see how it would break immersion. if you ask me it makes more sense. the fact that Klingon and feds are cooped up in there own space is kind of silly. A klingon should be able to come over here and hunt, and the federation should be able to go over, and scan ( I guess, what do fed do really ). if you are worried about seeing klinks, then maybe if the flag is off then the other faction is hidden. ( or since there are instances in sector space. maybe an instance of sector space where you can only get in if you have your flag up. problem solved you don't want to see them you don't have to. ) with a setup like that we Could have the PVE style stuff you posted, and it would save time that could be spent on episodes.

as for the idea of a new area, where? we already have the boarder between the feds, and the klinks covered. ( there is one small area. but that is in their space. ) it would be unimmersive to me if we had a special map for PVP just out in the middle of nowhere.
The war for control of the Alpha/Beta Quadrant doesnt require it be fought on either Fed or Klingon core space/territories...just like the war over World domination between Capitalism and Communisim didnt require it be fought on Us or USSR soil.

The current Secor that shares both Fed and Klingon could certainly be combat Sector, or just grey(purple) inbetween that isnt exactly under the full control of other. But the KDF desire to purge the Undine doesnt have to be just there. KDF efforts to purge the area began in other non-Federation areas...and it continue in non-feration areas. the desire for the Federation to slow or halt KDF expansion is not limited to ust Federation held territories.

Winning this war does not require storming the other side's core territories..just like the defeat of the USSr never required the storming of Moscow...not even its sateillite states. The war was one by waging it where either side attmepts to expand its influence...not just where it places its flag.

New combat sectors provide plenty of places for KDF to hunt and the Feds to scan...but equally important, it does not force itself on the non-combatant, Non-pvPers in game. Allowing either side to make open incursions into the other sides core territories woul drequire we have two parallel realities running side by side and in plain sight of each other by use of a flagging system...that would be unimmersive.

Instead, create a homefront and a warfront...where you have a seemless, but defined entry and exit from these two aspects of the STO existance. Where you are either free from PvP or have an obligatory exposure(potential) to flagging.

This doesnt mean the war or non-combat content stops at the seperating line between PvP and Non-PvP areas...just the PvP aspect stops at the line. You can still have access to both combat and non-combat PvE content on either side of the line.

Now to be honest, I hope that dividing line can move so if you go enough systems behind a border/frontline create by PvP faction captures, that it becomes a non-PvP area...but it can still posses the whole spectrum of PvE content. Ideally, part of the faction capture of territory would be the securing of captured areas for faction use.