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05-21-2010, 04:49 PM
Seems Evga Precision was part of the cause, though it was working just fine up to the May 13th patch, so what ever got changed in the game doesn't play nice with it now.

Edit 1: The work around is to set the "On-Screen Display 3D" to off rather than the default on, it fixes all the graphical glitches and can still watch your temps and what not.

Edit 2: Ok, I think I see now what happened, "On-Screen Display 3D" is a new Precision feature. When I installed EVGA precision a week before the game patch I told it to keep previous settings, which it did, but when I updated STO the profile I had made for it was erased and remade and when it did that "On-Screen Display 3D" got turned on. And probably the same thing when Saberous updated his drivers, it remade the profile.