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Originally Posted by Mnemonica View Post
Mine is the USS Desiderata. From the latin "desired things". It was used to name one of the thoroughfares through Freeside, the T-A space station from Gibson's Neuromancer. Also note, my character, Jane Tessier is named for a character from the same book. The Lady 3Jane Marie France Tessier-Ashpool. I love me some Neuromancer
Neuromancer is awesome

Mine's the USS Migrator One

Also have the Astral Migrator and Stellar Migrator.

Named em that way, since i cannot fit "Universal Migrator" into the naming conventions.

Universal Migrator is from the Ayreon series of CDs. If you've never heard Ayreon, definitely do yourself a favor and do so. Incredible music, with a sci-fi story. Great stuff