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05-21-2010, 07:22 PM
Okay I have found another possible option for for an alternate C-Store purchaseable T5 Ship Skin so those that will never get 5 RAF might still have a cool looking ship to warp about with.

I recently was looking through my old software and came upon the 'Star Trek - Starship Creator' and 'Warp 2' update. This old program uses all the technical specs and star ship designs done up to around 2000 (2001 is the listed publish date on the discs). So there are most of our starship class favorites..... Sovereign, Galaxy, Excelsior. So I installed the program and started designing. This software uses all 'official' (information from Trek Gurus Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, Rick Sternbach, and Doug Drexler) information to allow you to build all sorts of star ship class variants. The Galaxy class can be designed to have 4 nacelles mounted on a split under/over pylon simluar to the TNG model. The overall size/mass is simular to a T5 Star Cruisers. I will break it down below.

- The Saucer is simular to the Galaxy, but has four recessed indents simular to the Noble variant saucer for the Soveriegn. An alternate is a curvy elongated trapazoid saucer that look like a mix of the oval Soveriegn and triangle like Intrepid saucer. An oval back swept mission module off the back of the saucer adds to the look. This module would house either forward and back firing torpedo tubes, or house an extra shuttle/cargo bay.

- The engineering hull and neck remain mostly the same. If the saucer mission pod is not used, an under belly oval mission pod can be mounted where the warp core and antimatter ejection port would be. This mission module is either forward/back firing torpedo tubes, or specialized sensor/secondary deflector/comm unit. Also looks rather nice.

- The over/under pylons maintain the same look as before. The nacelles are longer versions of the Galaxy X nacelles The ramsccoop is longer and a bit pointy. The nacelles do not push the ship past Warp 9.9, but rather reduce the stress and strain on the space frame during long high warp trips. Efficency is gained by split the work between the upper and lower nacelles. Also mentioned in the database was if maintence is required on a nacelle one pair can be powered down whie still maintainng moderate warp speed capacity.

The ship gains little in way of performance from this design. It would be on par with a Galaxy X, or the Soveriegn/Star Cruiser at T5. Weapons wise it had 6 Phaser Beam Arrays (upper and lower frame arrays are counted as 1 array on the saucer and pylons) , and 2 to 4 Torpedo tubes (2 in the hull, 2 in a mission module) that fire either Quantum or Photon torpedoes depending on the Threat. Fusion reactors provide nearly half the tactical power for weapons and shields, which allows the warp core to direct more power to Impulse and thrusters in a fight. Shields were still the same as listed for the standard Galaxy class. It would still not be a overly fast, or quick turning ship. Extra SIF and a double hull allow for surviablity. A fighter bay was listed, but only allowed 4 Impulse Tactical Runabouts to dock.

So as before I am merely posting this in the hopes that it will spark conversation, and maybe we might see something in game like it.

Oh and for the Excelsior fans.....

According to the database there were nearly 4 major refits to the Excelsior class. The Fourth refit was used as a testing platform for what became the Ambassador class. Also of note is that a 4 nacelle variant was made, and allowed for very long range mapping of several systems. Sounds like Cryptic might have over looked a good ship after all.