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05-21-2010, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
At least you stopped using every color in the rainbow. You are slowly getting better.

You dismiss anybody that does not agree with you. Once again,.. this is Cryptic's decision. Not yours. All the lawyering in the world and debating what the meaning of "is" is will not change the nature of this.
I do not dismiss people, I dismiss opinions that are in opposition of printed fact. If you opinion is outside of the printed facts it is easily dismissed by most if not all. When I have an opinion I do not pass it off as fact, I state that it is my opinion. I have the right to voice my opinion in opposition of the things I feel are unjust, If Cryptic listens to it they only stand to gain. If they do not listen I will denounce my consumer loyalty, and will see to it everyone I know understands my position. I will refuse to support both Cryptic and Atari's future endeavors. That is my prerogative if this or any other company fails to satisfy their commitments and or "Exclusive" Prelaunch Investor package. It is entirely to soon to give away this type of package, I had to pull resources to invest in this package upon its release.