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05-21-2010, 07:59 PM
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
I would agree they stand to lose credibility when you give away " EXCLUSIVES" Especially STO Prelaunch Lifetime Investor "EXCLUSIVES"
And here we go again. You are going in circles. There have been tons of posts addressing this issue with you. Both the terms Unique and Exclusive have been used to describe the MU uniforms. You ignore the ones marked "exclusive" (and no I won't link it to you, because it was already done in another thread and you can go look it up) and then choose what definition of Unique you want to use.

It is not your decision to make. It is Crytpic's. And it would be a bad one if they started giving everybody the exclusives others paid for.

Some people purchased several copies of the game for these items. It would be insulting to them.. just as it is insulting to the people who paid for the subscription in advance. We took a leap of faith in Cryptic to deliver a quality product. They will still make money from us on the C-store. It is not like we don't contribute any to their profit margin. In fact, i would say that lifers probably use less bandwidth, as we play more casually.. at a relaxed pace. They really don't lose out on us at all.

We are the only ones risking anything. And that faith was rewarded with Exclusive/Unique items.