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05-21-2010, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Bohoo? Not fair?
I suppose you think its unfair that the car stores sometimes have special deals on cars with freebies and would demand the retailer to give you the same deal and freebie months after it was over?

Or maybe i should go to my PC store and demand a copy of Far Cry 2 with my graphics card since they had that offer when my card was cheaper?

Your not "entitled" to anything except the Lifetime Subscription itself.
I have entitlements........I have the GI bill for college, went to cash it, and I was told he was not going to cash my "Entitlement check" because I was not "Entitled" to anything, and as a vet that really P.Oed me.....guess I was whining........

I earned that entitlement for being honorably discharged

Probablly had a "Support our Troops" bumper sicker too..........I still got my money and graduated college, and I got a good paying job.......Sure as heck felt that busted my butt and worked for it.....