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05-21-2010, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
No silly it's being tested so the government can replace water boarding.

but really having wave after wave zerg fest is not good game play, they should ( in my opinion I have not played DS9 yet so I can't speak that well ) reduce the number of NPCs, and add in some bosses instead. that is ( in my opinion ) would make it better.
Zergfest can be fun: if the game has very strong tanking abilities available, a wide range of devastating AoE attacks for DPS classes, a very robust set of healing skills for the healers, and most importantly, an experienced and well-organized player base.

Unfortunately, tanks, DPS classes, and healers don't really have the right skills for that kind of thing in this game. More importantly, the nature of Star Trek attracted a lot of players who don't normally play MMORPGs (this is the part that Cryptic has trouble grasping), so the player base is not particularly experienced. Worse, the fact that fleets cannot instance a fleet action to themselves means that most people don't bother joining one, leading to a disorganized player base.

So not only are the class mechanics not up to snuff, but the players aren't either. Unfortunately, some of the fleet actions seem to be designed for highly organized raiding guilds from other games.