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05-22-2010, 12:28 AM
Luck is the keyword. I was lucky by finding a frustrated small group on their alts, trying to finish Breaking the Planet. When we realized we won't make it (2 tacs and 1 engineer without healing), we switched to our RA alts and tried DS9, hoping to find more players. It sure helped that my RA is a sci ground healer, but it was still close to impossible to stay alive as a team of 5 for a minute. I highly doubt we would have beaten it if the team leader hadn't played it before and gave very clear instrictions where to go and what to target. Reaching OPS was just a pain in the ass. I went in at least 20 times, spammed a group heal and died before the animation ended, including having Nanite Health Monitor on myself just to get anything done at all.

I don't mind challenges, I don't mind hard mobs. But I would also like to see some of the locations, and get a feelng I'm at DS9. The way that FA feels is... running through random hallways full of Cardassians and nothing else. For this, and other indoor fighting, a real cover system would already help a lot. Think a bar fight in Quark's, take cover behind some table or the bar, saloon style. Same in ops, or fight around the engine room generators. Most of the fights take place in open hallways, and wherever you go, its just more of the same - sight and action.