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05-21-2010, 11:58 PM
See, now you are confusing me. In the OP you state/ask:
Please put this feature in. People could give others a way to enjoy C-Store items, fansites and podcasts could use it to have prizes and contests, etc.
Combined with the title of the thread: Allow C-Store Points to be Gifted

Now we have a clear picture of this thread, to add the option to pass along Cryptic Points to friends/etc. Or, at least I thought we did. In response to the worries about usage by "Goldfarmers" (Which WILL happen) you state/ask:

Originally Posted by mavgeek View Post
Why exactly? It's not as if energy credit as really worth much in game. Aside from early and mid levels, you really don't need credits other than purchasing new ships upon rank-up and maybe a few items off the exchange if you don't feel like doing exploration / pvp / etc missions for marks & badges. I don't really see C-Store points as being able to be robbed from people by a traditional gold farmer, unless a gold farmer somehow tricks a player into sending them the 'gift' of c-store points, in which case it goes beyond your usual link / email / website scam that most fall into.
(Bolding/color done by me)

So which is it, energy credits or C-store points?

C-Store points WILL be abused by goldfarmers, because the ONLY way to get them is with money. If this idea is implemented it gives those farmers a way to circumvent the charges to players, and create a "black market" on C-Points.

You do realize "Energy Credits" and "C-Points" are two different things right?