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05-22-2010, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by willriker09 View Post
Part 2 (please no name calling)

I want this ship SO much, especially since it is Tier 5. Finding 5 people who want to play this game and then convincing them to go and buy it and subscribe for months at a time is a tall order. But this was a clever scheme, because you have got me addicted to attempting to somehow earn this ship by any means necessary.
Its pointless now, Cryptic have made their stance clear on the situation.

If you want it, cough up $200 or find 5 folks to go in the offer. Cryptic dont care either way beyond getting their money.

However, dont be too eager to buy into their 'exclusives' ... Cryptic's definition of 'Exclusive' is open to interpretation on its duration.

Unless of course... a Cryptic representative wants to provide an official response on that definition ?

The MU Uniform, Liberated Borg, Galaxy-X and whatever future 'exclusives' could avoid similar heated arguments over having them released by such a response.

Probability of a response: Unlikely