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# 25 Older ships and holodeck
05-22-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by wcnighthawk View Post
Personally, I'm one of those that say the older ships need to stay decomissioned (I mean, how many Connies did you see running around in TNG, Voy, or DS9?). That being said, the Excelsior was shown a few times in the 24th Century, so I think that could be the exception. They could even make it the refit version that put it on par with the Defiant, I wouldn't mind that either.

Regardless, the solution to the problem is fairly simple, because the trek universe gives us an awesome tool that alot of series don't have. The Holodeck. For people wanting to fly the older ships, Cryptic could make missions, call them holodeck missions, and let them play from whatever bygone era they want. It would be easy for Cryptic to implement (like the mission where you have to pick which captain to support) and they could even make classic missions for people to play through (such as stopping Kang from disrupting the peace accords or being captain of the Enterprise-C and securing friendship with the Klingons). Everyone could participate in whatever era they like. It's not an STF, so it shouldn't take too long to make and add's content quick and easy. It's a win-win scenario for everyone.
I quiet like this idea