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05-22-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by willriker09 View Post
Part 2 (please no name calling)

I want this ship SO much, especially since it is Tier 5. Finding 5 people who want to play this game and then convincing them to go and buy it and subscribe for months at a time is a tall order. But this was a clever scheme, because you have got me addicted to attempting to somehow earn this ship by any means necessary.
Work hard and anything is possible, every major company uses referrals and most MMO have a recruit-a-friend program. With hard work, dedication and the belief that STO is a good game, you can get others to play, the thing is; if you don't convince people that you think it is a good game, it's unlikely they will want to move past the demo.

I'm up to 7 upgraded accounts at the moment and I am hoping all of them subscribe past the 30 days, if not I'll be forced to likely shell out $15 for each one that doesn't; just to get my ship.

I think it should remain exclusive though, this way you do not see EVERYONE flying it around. It's meant to be a symbol of hard work and dedication or alternatively, a symbol of your wallet.