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05-22-2010, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Spawn1702 View Post
Tetryon eat shields? LOL

Got mathed!

-80 shields @ 2,5% on a 7k-11k Shield? whats that? around 1% more Damage only on Shields? If u want Damage use DIsruptors! Tetryon is a waste of skillpoints!
60 Dot per second on a 35k hull ?

WITH the common ability to mitigate it before it runs a full course ?


How often do the procs proc? According to the tooltips it is 2.5%, or 1 in 40.

So many words and so much passion for something that is so rare.
TS A/S/W/E + Polaron = System drops either from drain or the actual subsystem failure

2.5% proc PER weapon - with 3 - 6 energy weapons being fired

My Escort gets procs quite frequently, enough that I 100% take down a shield with TSS + Polarons and it only takes 1 proc for that to happen on NPCs.

I dont even have TSSIII, only II so I would expect that to be even more effective at the drain. Although once the shields down it dosent matter since your now chewing through hull faster than any Plasma DOT will accomplish.