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05-22-2010, 02:04 PM
Is this debate ever going to end?
Both sides have valid points, but i think of it this way...

We can say the SF engineers could build a NX to 25th century standards and i believe it. It would be more like taking the blueprints from it and building new NX's then re-commissioning old mothballs. Its an old well tested design. Good for missions that doesn't require a true 'modern starship'. no offense NX fans.

But then you could argue that SF of the 25th century has there own designs for starships like this and can just build more Nova class ships instead. I see no reason why an NX styled ship can't be in use now.

If the United states navy took the blueprints for the USS Maine and worked them with modern technology/ armor / weapons. You would still have a ship that looks 99% like the Maine, but could easily be used today, maybe not as a front line ship, but to patrol the east african coast for pirates? that would work. it would most likely be cheaper to use these ships then state of the art missile cruisers verse guys in speed boats with Ak-47's. NX's could chase Orion around easy. Make quick raids on enemy posts, patrol asteroids. Things where a larger ship or a more advanced one isn't really needed.