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05-22-2010, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by tendel View Post
This is one of the reasons why determining what is canon is problematic.

We didn't see Constitution class vessels running around because we were seeing Star Trek through a specific window with inferred holistic assumptions.

Not seeing something doesn't mean it didn't/can't exist.

Yes, it makes sense to state these were decommissioned or a refit, etc., at the same time, equally sensible notions can be inferred that in war, every resource available should be used.

Also, in context to the game, we have allot of Admirals, soon to be Vice-Admiral epeen something or other.

Why not have the Admiral's prerogatives? We will be seeing a Galaxy-X, the soon to be prize target of PvP, sooner than later. That we only saw one 3-nacelle Galaxy does not preclude the existence of other 3-nacelle craft.

Why not reclassify a Constitution Refit in the 25th Century from a cruiser to a science vessel? Change its role.

Infinite possibilities.
I like to think that you don't see them because they no longer exist. It'd be like a country using the old wooden frigates of the 1700's in their navies. It just doesn't happen because aside from 1 to 2 museum models, they no longer exist. The problem is that they have already allowed the Connies in game (I have the pre-order one btw ), so it's not a question of putting them in game now, but how to do it in a manner that makes sense. To me, the Excelsior would be the only notable exception and it could be a T4 ship due to it's refit. I wouldn't have a problem with that.

The ony way to put the older ships in that would make sense is to make use of the Holodeck. I don't know why Cryptic hasn't done more with this possibility. They could add in iconic ships and missions tailored after famous episodes, People could identify those missions as actual Trek story that happened, which makes the game feel more like Star Trek, and it adds content at the same time. Aside from making the older ship models, it wouldn't take Cryptic much to add the new missions. They could even make it so you can level from the "holomissions" so people who want to level in the past can do so (would take them more work to implement). You can have your older ships, I can live in the 25th Century where everything is the latest and greatest and everyone wins :p