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Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
You have the worst analogies seriously, I have not seen one that was on target, The Mona Lisa IS one painting, these uniforms are not that valuable and not a singular item.

This analogy is a little better but not by much, First the uniforms are not as valuable as a Ferrari, I am a Prelaunch investor/ member of the Ferrari club and have already invested nearly $500 into said club (STO title) and was not asking for to be sold to me for five dollars? I was asking a NON EXCLUSIVE Item made available to the player base for purchase (at a reasonable price) or reward, so no one is asking for a free lunch.

On the other hand you is unreasonable to ask 200 dollars for something that you didn't pay 200 dollars for.
You paid for a Champions Online Lifetime subscription and Champion Exclusives, and received as bonus STO "Unique" MU Uniform set. ( hence the the reason the STO MU uniform set was not labeled "exclusive" when all other exclusives were labeled as such respectively.) Furthermore upon reveiw the MU add that did use an exclusive in the title and explanation from marketing infers the advertisement was refering to the offer as Exclusive to STO players. That would also corroborate why the MU set was listed under "unique" and not "exclusive".

It does not make you a bad guy for paying for what you have, It makes you possibly an impulse buyer and definitely A Champions Online Lifetime Subscriber Congratulations you got what you paid for!
I am not asking to be a Lifer to Champions Online at all or for a reduced cost. So the your point seems rather moot to me. What I am asking for is a "unique" made by "Ferrari" key chain that says STO on it and is only usable in STO and has nothing to do with purchase of said "Ferarai" that is given away as a free bonus for buying a Ferrari, and that I may buy it from the dealership lobby for a reasonable price without buying the car. (And yes you can buy Ferrari made key chains in the lobby of Ferrari dealerships, the only reason the key chain is "Unique" is because of its markings and has nothing to do with exclusivity. On a side note the "key chains" don't look aesthetically unpleasing)

Judging by how many people don't have the mus (myself included) I'd say the mona lisa is about right. You guys seem to place as much value on them as the mona lisas worth judging by how many threads and posts there are and a reasonable price would be 200 dollars that's what others paid to get it so why shouldn't anyone else that wants it have to pay the same? Please don't turn this into vocabulary again trying to argue symantics the bottom line is this it was a limited time offer linked to the co lifetime sub you missed it get over it