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05-22-2010, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by Jhaden_Khren
I like both tetryon and plasma, but I personally prefer disruptors. Why? For the same 2.5% proc chance I have with most other damage types, I get a 10% damage resistance debuff on the target that everyone gets to enjoy for 15 seconds. I don't understand how any of the other options could possibly top that unless you're willing to accept the inflated cost of the Polaron or Anti-Proton skills.

Energy weapons
Phaser: 2.5% chance to disable a random subsystem
Disruptor: 2.5% chance to lower the targets damage resistance by 10% for 15 sec
Plasma: 2.5% chance to apply a non-stacking damage-over-time debuff
Polaron: 2.5% chance to reduce all enemy subsystem power levels by 25
Tetryon: 2.5% chance to deal additional shield damage
Antiproton: Shield Penetration

Kinetic weapons
Photon: 50% chance -20 Able crew
Quantum:10% chance -10 Alive crew
Plasma: Chance to apply Fire damage to hull for 10 sec
Transphasic: Increased shield penetration
Chroniton: -100% Flight Speed and Turn Rate for 10 sec
Tricobalt: Disables targets for 2 sec

all this is true. One problem, most things die before the 15 sec debuff even makes a diff.