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05-22-2010, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by Spawn1702 View Post
Tetryon eat shields? LOL

Got mathed!

-80 shields @ 2,5% on a 7k-11k Shield? whats that? around 1% more Damage only on Shields? If u want Damage use DIsruptors! Tetryon is a waste of skillpoints!
Get mathed!

Many players in game get the [Dis] attribute on their hull (eng. console) or shield slot for this reason. Either/or reduce damage by 20% from disruptors. Even if you crit, that's still 10% less base DPS. Disruptors are far too common in PvP and most Klingon ships in PvE.

While Tetryon does not scale well to RA, very few people spec against [Tet] damage - hence the reason people still flock to it. Also, one of my tetryon beam arrays has a 10% critical rate.

I'd say Polaron are good bet as their critical reduces power all around.

One great thing about STO is that if there's a favorite damage type from players or the NPCs, you have a reasonable chance of spec'cing against it.