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05-22-2010, 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by Nikka33 View Post
If they earn it as an achievement/accolade then they have worked for it.

Making it avail in-game as an award for a chain of missions and so forth does not mean anyone got it for free.
If people have put the time into the game or put the money together to buy it, then they deserve it.

With all the things avail in game to people as it is, we still do not see everyone flying the same ships or using the same gear.
So saying that everyone will have it and that the game will be flooded with them is not nec accurate.
Some may not even put forth the effort to get it in the game no matter how accessible it is.

It is the principle of the matter, people should not have to make it a second job on top of everything else to achieve some of these things.
There should be other ways to get iconic items besides having to go out and spam people into buying the game.

I have no real issue with RAF programs, but I do have an opinion on what is being dangled in front of people as a reward and what all is involved in getting it.
It seems a bit on the steep side.

If it was for one or two people that might not be so bad and lower some of the other reqs, but 5?
It may not be a lot of work for some, but for others, that could turn into a 2nd job in and of itself.

They could use some other item less controversial.
Sell it in game for a decent sum.
Allow people to earn it in game.
Make it a vet reward.
Maybe even leave it as an RAF item, but make it also obtainable through a string of achievements in game.

If your curious about the captains table and how I feel about that being exclusive, I think it should be avail to everyone also.
Star Trek should be about the players and the fans, not who has the most friends or who has the biggest wallet.

I want to see this game do well, I want to see tons of people playing it.
It is awsome to see people enjoying Trek, so I have no problem with them coming up with things to get people involved, just wished they would pick less controversial ways to do it lol.
making an award for missions or whatever else is not working for it it is playing the game for it. How does that put any money in cryptics pocket which is the whole point of the RAF The rest of us went out and got our 5 subs as required either you're willing to do what it takes or your not everything else is just whining i can't have it