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05-22-2010, 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by panthro View Post
making an award for missions or whatever else is not working for it it is playing the game for it. How does that put any money in cryptics pocket which is the whole point of the RAF The rest of us went out and got our 5 subs as required either you're willing to do what it takes or your not everything else is just whining i can't have it
I see... so under your concept earning things ingame must be done OUT of game and earn Cryptic money...

pay to play new races,
pay to buy ship skins
pay to get new ship classes

Mmm... pay to level,
pay to get new missions
pay just to login, eh ?

Oh wait we already do that via subscriptions. Oh right, apparantly paying a subscription dosent earn Cryptic money or considered good enough.

So... shall we just drop the pretense of this being a game thats meant to be balance for ALL players with equal accesscontent with and go with the he-who-pays-gets-the-best-content ?

Whats next, pay $1000 and get the Relativity ?