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05-23-2010, 05:12 AM
If the supernova was far out enough that the black hole would not have affect Romulus, why did the Romulan population get wiped out? Wouldn't they have had enough time to evacuate the planet?
Normally, the "shockwave" or radiation from a supernova travels at the speed of light. It would take a few years for most novas radiaion to reach any other star system. But something was different about this supernova. Something allowed the shock wave to exceed the speed of light. This allowed it to hit Romulans a lot earlier than expected.

This something of course is pure Startrek pseudo-science, involving subspace and all that...

Also, alot of that happened after Pike appointed him as XO for the Enterprise. If some third year naval cadet could out think and out command seasoned officers, then they shouldn't have been in charge anyways.
And as a matter of fact, the guy in command was removed because he was deemed unqualified according to Starfleet regulations. He was emotionally compromised, remember? Unlike most officers in his place, though, did he see that. Of course, after that, he did still proved his competence.

Same thing when Pike tossed out the comm guy and put Uhura in his place. With Uhura manning the comm, a cadet as XO, another cadet heading up medical and a barely wet behind the ear guy driving the ship, it's a wonder the Enterprise didn't just run into a asteroid or bounce too close to a star.
I am not sure it's such a big wonder. After all, these guys aren't at Starfleet Academy on accident. Or were selected for the Enterprise. Uhura did notice to Spock that the only reason she wasn't on the Enterprise originally was because Spock feared of being accused of favoritism.