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Originally Posted by adigregorio View Post

EDIT (Afterthought)
I am confused why the OP just had to have a Borg, when under their new Borg bio (and only Borg listed) it says:

All this fuss, and you didn't even want to play a Borg? Sheesh!

I will say thanks for showing us this back door, that was super awesome of you!
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
Wow I am shocked and amazed......
I guess you didn't read what I wrote, because if you did you would realize I could care less about a Borg Character, It was the principal of still selling all the Pre-Order Bonuses for less money than the pre-orders where and yet charging more money for lifetime and offering less.


I was fine without the "Borg Character" until a guild mate suggested getting a Red Matter Capacitor, and I could still buy them.


All these bonuses where Limited Pre-Order Only

Borg Bridge Officer
500 Cryptic
TOS Uniform
Joined Tril
Klingon Blood Wine Toast
Unique Registry PrefixGive your ship the coveted NX prefix
Unique Ship Item: Automated Defense Battery
Tribble Pet
Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
Constitution Class Starship
Chromodynamic Armor
The TR-116 Ground Rifle
Red Matter Capacitor
Starfleet Shuttlecraft

and all these where "Pre-Order" only and they are all still for sale, and they are all cheaper now than in January.

That was My whole point.

And the reason I feel it was ok for me to complain about this

Star Trek Online
Download Game Client
Activated Features

* Star Trek Online Closed Beta
* Star Trek Online - Preorder
* Wrath of Khan Admiral's Uniform
* Star Trek Online - Preorder
* Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion A
* Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion C
* Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion B
* Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe
* Star Trek Online Win Back Weekend Product
* Star Trek Online Public Test Shard
* Startrek Online Lifetime Subscription

Champions Online
Download Game Client
Activated Features

* Champions Online Lifetime Subscription
* Champions Online Retail - Best Buy
* Champions Online Public Test Shard

and even though cryptic has nothing to do with it anymore

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I stopped playing around the time Cryptic Left.


How much have you invested in Cryptic? me I'm well over $1000