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05-23-2010, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by Dr.LoveMonkey
You must have a very good idea of the inner workings of Cryptic and their parent companies to make that judgement. Are you saying that, as long as a company makes no blatently obvious mistakes, that it is impossible for it to fail?

EDIT: example betting on a coin flip, every flip costs you a dollar. You can bet on heads and if you're right you win five dollars, or you can bet on tails and if you win you get one dollar back. So your three options are bet heads, bet tails, or don't play. Not playing the game is obviously wrong because you simply get no money. You can bet tails or bet heads. Logical thing to do is bet heads every time. If you do something other than that, you've made a mistake, right? Now, it turns out that this coin is rigged, it only comes up heads one in every ten flips. So in ten flips you will win five dollars with the correct stratagy. BUT if you take the mistaken stratagy and pick tails every time you get nine dollars.

THUS the correct stratagy ends up with a sub-optimal outcome and the mistaken stratagy generates the ultimate stratagy. And before you say "well the coin was rigged" well yes it was because you can't possibly have every piece of information.

Another example is a chess game, two people can see ahead in the game. An amature can see two moves ahead and a pro can see five. The amature sees that two moves ahead he can force a play to take a knight, what the pro sees is that if he allows that knight to get lost he can force a checkmate five moves down. So from the standpoint of the amature he picks the best move for his information, and it truely is the best move for is given data, but it will make him fail.
No. It is not impossible to fail. If your design idea is flawed from the start, you'll still fail. I am saying that Cryptic either overestimated their abilities or underestimated the amount of work involved. Perhaps both.

To return to the box analogy, it's entirely possible that both people throw their backs out, but that would be because the second guy either underestimated the weight of the box or overestimated his strength.

It's very clear they tried to do too much too fast with too little. That's why you have lots of elements to the game, but almost all of them are unfinished.