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05-23-2010, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
Its pointless now, Cryptic have made their stance clear on the situation.

Unless of course... a Cryptic representative wants to provide an official response on that definition ?

The MU Uniform, Liberated Borg, Galaxy-X and whatever future 'exclusives' could avoid similar heated arguments over having them released by such a response.

Probability of a response: Unlikely
Their stance is indeed clear, as their only offical response to vocal and numerous protests was for Dstahl to come and drop details on how cool the ship is going to be (and dismiss us as a the 'regularly scheduled riot'), and then circular-file all the complaints and dissent into a "feedback" forum, where (despite promises to the contrary), no constructive or useful replies from cryptic have been made.

Originally Posted by dojen
oh good another pointless thread there are at least two of these on the front page alone let it go
We'll 'let it go' when a satisfactory resolution is made. Or even a serious attempt on Cryptic's part to even acknowledge there's a problem, maybe.