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05-23-2010, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by muncheee1 View Post
the real answer to this is As they past by the MORGUE....

now Hunt Being this is the only way to talk to ya it's late gota sick kid i tried to send you a reason fer all that happened the other night now if you ya like i'll give ya my # and ya can call collect won't let me post not trying to get back in the fleet or anything .. i understand that you folks work fast at getting rid of someone then trying to get them, and yes I acted like i was fracked up yes i was stued no drug just good shine and a little more hard stuff but with good reason if ya want to stay as a hard ass i understand I am one too but i'm stll going to bump this site cuz you doo have great people in it and i miss bs'ing with Grrav's

so if you want an appolige ill send it to ya if not then I was Man enough to try so contact me online
otherwise I tried...

I appreciate you have some serious personal issues to resolve and am sorry for that, but a public forum is not the place to have this discussion.

Please refrain from polluting our recruitment thread with this issue.

Both our community forums and this forum offer the ability to send a PRIVATE MESSAGE and that is the appropriate place for this exchange.