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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I am not sure it's such a big wonder. After all, these guys aren't at Starfleet Academy on accident. Or were selected for the Enterprise. Uhura did notice to Spock that the only reason she wasn't on the Enterprise originally was because Spock feared of being accused of favoritism.
Ok, lets say this whole North/South Korea thing blows up on the world. Cadets at the US Naval Academy get pressed into service before they can graduate. The commanding officer of a destroyer/frigate/aircraft carrier sees a cadet walking around and thinks, "hey, that's Admiral Such and Such's kid!". The on a whim due to a gut feeling, makes him the XO of the ship. Do you think that would fly with Pentagon?

Normally, the "shockwave" or radiation from a supernova travels at the speed of light. It would take a few years for most novas radiaion to reach any other star system. But something was different about this supernova. Something allowed the shock wave to exceed the speed of light. This allowed it to hit Romulans a lot earlier than expected.

This something of course is pure Startrek pseudo-science, involving subspace and all that...
The shock wave from a supernova only travels at about 10% the speed of light according to Wikipedia.