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05-24-2010, 12:09 AM
As I have posted elsewhere, all else being equal (as in, no additional powers/abilities) the Galaxy-X makes a good choice for a referral award. It is a ship that is both distinctive and also barely-seen on screen, and it really does make a nice little gift for the people who manage to get five new accounts to buy the retail box and pay for an additional month. If you were going to give a reward for a recruiter, something distinctive and visible in-game, and more than just C-points, what else could it be?

Where things get hairy and uncomfortable for me is the additional functionality of the Galaxy-X. But it's hard to make a judgement on any of that since we still don't have details. Does it have an operational-level (non-battle) cloak? Just what does the axial superphaser do? We know it replaces a weapon slot, so is it balanced against, or more capable than, other weapons? We just don't know yet, and probably won't know until it's actually released and in the game. It might have JUST enough extra stuff to it to make it interesting but not gamebreaking. Or it might be OMZodBBQ OP! but we just don't know yet.*

This doesn't mean I'm not sympathetic towards or lack understanding of those who will not ever be able to get this ship. I know I won't; The people I know who might want to play STO are either already playing, too poor, or tried it and didn't like it. I've accepted that I'll never have this ship in my 'stable,' at least if it remains an exclusive to the R5F program. Still it's a bit of a bummer, but I'm accepting it since I just don't know what else would make a suitable cool reward for the R5F recruiters.

Honestly, barring any craziness surrounding the additional functionality, while I think Atari/Cryptic could have handled this a little better, there's not a lot to say against the idea of the Galaxy-X as a reward. That being said, if much more iconic ships (such as the Nebula, Excelsior, possibly even the NX refit) end up being exclusive rewards for out-of-game actions? That would... not be a really good idea. One is enough, more would be hard to justify. I'm pretty sure there won't be anything to worry about, though. Cryptic most likely won't make those ships, which have many more people clamoring for them, some sort of out-of-game exclusive.

* - On the other hand, I do know one thing: If the Galaxy-X can cloak, it will be ganged up on in PvP so completely, it will quickly earn the nickname "Photon Bait." =) I'm pretty sure the Klinks are none too happy with the possibility of a cloakable Fed ship in the game,