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05-23-2010, 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by the_collective View Post
(which is supported by an article I was linked to by steam stating that they tried making this game with a budget of only around 20-25 million usd) or b) they are too lazy
2 things to keep in mind ...

- The company is developing a game in the middle of a somewhat noticeable economic recession. That is a factor.

- The most successful MMORPGs in MMORPG history all cater to the lower specs. To hit the larger audience. So a game like World of ******** which shoots low, gets popular and suddenly everyone can play it. A game like Vanguard shoots high, and even folks interested in it, can't run it all that great.

The success of this game likely hinges more on their ability to put out more quest content and ship skins and uniform variations ... than it does their ability to deal with graphics disparity amongst its userbase.