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05-24-2010, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by kefra View Post
I said "alienate", not "kept from playing"

Nothing wrong with cross promoting if it is done correctly. The MU are a part of the Star Trek mythology, the dragon armor is not a part of Mass Effect mythology. Bioware got it right, Cryptic did not. If Cryptic had done what Bioware did they you would have unique CO uniforms to wear to show your investment in another Cryptic game in STO. In this case your argument is simply invalid.
No, this is a perfect example. This is an item that comes from ordering another game that is made to go into a different game. It fits even more so, because it is a clothing type.

Buy game "A", recieve clothing item for unrelated game "B" made by the same company

Let's compare:

Buy Lifetime preorder sub to Champions Online, receive Mirror Universe Uniform to wear in Star Trek Online
Company for both games: Cryptic

Buy Special edition of Dragon Age, receive Dragon space cosmetic armor for Mass Effect 2
Company for both games: Bioware

How is this different again? A cosmetic difference.. direction from one game to another. It is minor at best.

But if that won't satisfy you, I am sure we can dredge up hundreds of other gaming cross promotions until you find one that you are completely satisfied with.

The bottom line is this...

It has been done before.