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05-24-2010, 12:53 AM
Circumventing the system isnt going to make anyone look good on all parts.

This is a ship that was chosen as a recruitment reward........I'll probably never see it as I don't happen to know 5 people that can care less about the game let alone buy anything Star Trek. And thats the real problem here.....the Demo isnt enough to entice and the only ones intrested in the game off the bat are ST fans. Unless your holding a Monday night convention at your home with all of the ST nerds on the block......finding 5 people to buy the game and play it is an uphill battle. Im the only one I know that likes Star Trek....everyone else I know could give 2 poops about it.

Here is a reward that everyone wants...granted......but obtaining it for most is going to be an impossiblity for the above fact alone. The challenge should be a little easier to come about, where Cyrptic gets what they want and the people that play the game can get what they want.

Cryptic is like congress.........we complain, and they over-react,
we suggest, and it doesnt make the agenda

To game creators and king of all things that blow up...if I may?

Instead of knee jerking when the negative nancys attempt to throw the masses under the bus,
How about thinking outside of the box....and look at the problem for what it really is in all of its simplicity.
Literally take a step back and ask we really need to crank on this problem this hard to achieve the same result?

There are other means to an end my dear Devs......Cryptic cannot be that obtuse in their deallings. Nor must you feel urgency when dealling with a small minority of people screaming to the heavens. Don't rush anything else because people want it now..................Just make it a fair logical assessment. We can't berate you guys for that in all fairness. In the end...the product will sell itself.

And we wont need the bribery of ones want and desires to play a game with all the perks.

I get where your coming from though........Capitolism...........Only in America.......