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05-24-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by halfwing View Post
The tribble is when they buy the game. The bridge officer is when they buy their first month of gametime.
Yes, that's true, I have one referral who bought the game and I got the Photonic Tribble.

Originally Posted by Diomasach View Post
Today while doing the Breaking ice planet mission i found out i had an holographic tribble for a short while on my task bar. Never found how or where i got it but after i clicked on it, i lost it. It was not showing out in my inventory, only on my task bar strange...
Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
How, then, do I have a holographic tribble when I have never referred anyone? Every time I go on a ground mission for the past couple of days, there is a holo-tribble in my action bar. It isn't in my inventory or my equipped items, however it shows up when I bring up the action tray list by hitting P. The only information it tells me is that it will disappear after 5 minutes, and it does, but then it shows up again later in the same mission if I take too long. Was running with a fleet mate and he said it was appearing and disappearing from his inventory, too.
The holographic Tribble you see is a bonus Tribble that activates in the following way.
  • One of the members of your team (or just needs to be close by you) activates his Photonic tribble
  • The one with the Photonic Tribble get's his "normal" one hour Tribble buffs and the Holographic Tribble sitting in his/her inventory (only on the action bar) and all those who are close by - I know it works for the ones teamed up didn't test with people who are not in my team - and you need to be close enough
  • When the holographic Tribble shows up you have 300 seconds to pet it - if I understood correctly it gives the "normal" one hour Tribble Buff, in this case a 3% damage resist