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05-24-2010, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by Galtrovan View Post
Every advertisement and/or sale is always touted as being limited time for the sole purpose of creating a sense of urgency -- so that you will rush out and spend your money. The verbiage does not say they will never have another ad or sale in future or that the future ad or sale will not be exactly the same.

I really cannot see how you didn't know, real world advertising and all.
Really? You don't find this the least bit disconcerting? Here, let me break it down for you so maybe you can understand the difference between what you're suggesting and what actually happened.

You're suggesting that Cryptic is like a regular store. One week they advertise a sale on Widgets. This sale is for a limited time, and sure do want that Widget so I go down and buy it during the time frame provided. Three months later Widgets go on sale again. Do I complain? Of course not. Of course an item is going to go on sale again even if the first time it was mentioned as a limited time.

Now, here's an actual real world analogy of what actually happened. Last year at SDCC, Mattel offered a limited edition set of Wonder Twin action figures that came with a Gleek figure as well. After the show, you would be able to order the Wonder Twins from Mattel's site, but Gleek was exclusive to SDCC. People weren't happy about that for various reasons such as not being able to make it San Diego, but those were the terms. You wanted a Gleek, you went to SDCC (or ebay, but that's an entirely different matter). Period.

Mattel didn't back track and suddenly give Gleek to people who bought the twins from their site after the show. I don't think Cryptic should play fast and loose with "exclusive" and its meaning.