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05-24-2010, 12:07 PM
Sounds like all policies are now taking on the same wet-ricepaper quality as the doomed CO micro-expansion. I suppose I expected this much, once a precedent is set, its impossible to prevent a snowball of similar changes being forced by the same tactic. While the CO situation was a needed change, anything else is up for grabs with enough posts demanding it, even if its less than a dozen individuals making them.

I'm not judging, by any means - this is damage control. Some dozen or so people have driven their arguments through continual posts as to take over the focus of the forums here and elsewhere. While it may not be an "official" stance yet, the direction is clear: The only reward one can get from Cryptic is "early access" to something, as all exclusivity/uniqueness of a reward has an expiration on it, and will find its way to the general population in order of most complained about.

Now its time to simply step back and decide what you can wait for and what you want now.

Personally, nothing is worth working for just to get early, but thats all dependent on how people value themselves and their time.

I'm not surprised, not upset. Disappointed, sure, and taking a break from the game and the forums for a bit. Frankly, its more fun to just play anyway. Simply need to keep a little distance from it and not get worked up over the complete loss of value to my rewards.