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05-24-2010, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by Galtrovan View Post
Amazon still has it regardless of them saying they don't. Go here: and click "Details" and tell me what it says. It says you get a Borg Bridge Officer. If you click "Buy" and purchase directly from Amazon you will get the Borg Bridge Officer. If for some reason you don't, contact Cryptic Billing Support and they will fix it.

The same goes for all the retailers listed on that page, if you order and don't get the stated reward, contact billing support.

For the record, I ordered a 2nd copy of the game from Amazon on April 29, 2010. The Borg Bridge Officer offer/logo was on the box's and manual's cover art and applying the retail code to my existing account unlocked the Borg BO without issue.

Thsnk you, that clears my confusion, and I;m sorry, don't be made at him, I derailed the topic slightly with a side question in passing.