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05-24-2010, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by andeolus View Post
Now, here's an actual real world analogy of what actually happened. Last year at SDCC, Mattel offered a limited edition set of Wonder Twin action figures that came with a Gleek figure as well. After the show, you would be able to order the Wonder Twins from Mattel's site, but Gleek was exclusive to SDCC. People weren't happy about that for various reasons such as not being able to make it San Diego, but those were the terms. You wanted a Gleek, you went to SDCC (or ebay, but that's an entirely different matter). Period.

Mattel didn't back track and suddenly give Gleek to people who bought the twins from their site after the show. I don't think Cryptic should play fast and loose with "exclusive" and its meaning.
Actually, an LTS is a subscription to a service. There is no physical product that can be sold or traded. Everything in the game is owned by Cryptic and perks are really just status symbols.