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05-24-2010, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by kefra View Post

Then again a CO themed STO Uniform would not have gotten you to shell out $200+ dollars for a CO LTS. Be honest now...
Honestly I bought a Champs LT for a Champs LT, personally. Regardless, the MU uniform means that I bought a Champs LT and I play STO. That loses all meaning if anyone and their mother can just buy it from the Cstore for a few dollars.

I get that everyone loves the look, midriff is sexy. But why don't you guys go after the Enterprise MU uniforms instead, and let the Champs lifers have that unique identifier, whether you like it or not?

I'm all for opening up Champs LTs again and offering the MU with it. But leave it as something special, not something that everyone will have in a matter of weeks if they put it in the Cstore. They can open up who has access to them a little, but they should keep it representative of the fact that the people who have it have invested into Champions.

Mirror Universe outfits are from a whole other universe! And that universe isn't the universe we are playing along with in STO. Its very fitting that they come from Champs in that sense.