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05-24-2010, 03:34 PM
You're all most welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it and finding it useful. If I may ask for feedback, did you find it easy to use/self explainable? If not, any suggestions for improvements? Are the example tabs of my characters even needed (I was thinking they may be confusing/too much info)?

Also, props again to Binkenstein, Kiala, and Tiran_Diaz for their forumlas/groundwork.

By the by, I just started a new character for my own research purposes, and I hope to make more "calculators", similar to this one, to help spec out other skills/abilities... Eventually, my goal would be that you could type in your skill levels and see, virtually, what the results would be for your power levels, DPS, engine speed, turn rate, BO abilities, etc. Sort of the ultimate character planner/respec tool.

I don't get to play that character often (as I'm mostly playing my "real characters" to be honest ) and they keep changing the rules/formula. Heh. From what I hear, there's a new version on tribble that's going to change the power settings, so if that goes to Holodeck, watch for an updated PowerCalc.