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Hello, STO Forum-goers (and, I hope, STO-devs.)

I've been giving some thought recently to how the STO experience could be improved upon, and would like to share with you some ideas that I've come up with. I hope you find them interesting.

Idea #1: Captain's Room.
Being able to stand on the bridge of my very own starship is neat. And I know that there have been whispers of more shipboard content to come. WIth that in mind, I humbly submit the following idea: The Captain's Room.

Accessible from the bridge, the Captain's Ready room would be a place where one can store and view 'trophies' from your career. Think back to the more recent shows: Picard's office on the enterprise held models of various Starfleet ships, including one of his first command, the Stargazer. It also held several archeological relics he had discovered or been given as gifts.

In STO, the Captain's Room would be a customizable trophy case. After completing a quest chain, achieving a career milestone, or winning a fixed number of PVP rewards, you would be granted a trophy which could be displayed within. This could be models of ships you commanded in the past, gifts from an alien civilization you made first contact with (something to consider for the upcoming "Diplomacy" update), or various other trinkets or mementos of your travels. It would certainly be a more compelling means of reviewing past accomplishments that scrolling down a list of completed missions.

Additionally, larger ships (higher tier vessels) would accommodate larger Captain's Rooms, with more spaces for trophies.

Idea #2: BOFs as quest rewards / quest givers.

Being able to customize my Bridge Officers as I see fit is one of my favorite aspects of STO. But despite all much time and efforts as I put in to them, they still don't feel like they add much to the narrative of the game. Perhaps I expect to much, but nevertheless, here's an idea for how BOFs could be made more interesting.

Part 1: BOFs as Quest Rewards.
Quest chains could be constructed that introduce new (and unique) alien races, or that revisit old favorites. After completing such a mission, a member of that species may offer to join your crew. These BOFs would be rare, non-transferable rewards for completing missions, "epic bofs" if you will. I know I for one wouldn't mind going through some serious effort to earn a android or holographic crew member. Genetically Augmented humans, or sympathetic Cardassians or Romulans would also make for great 'rare' crewmen.

Part 2: BOFs as Quest Givers.
Rolling in to the idea above, a big part of the Star Trek shows and movies was how each member of the crew had a story all to themselves. And sometimes, these stories would involve their shipmates. For example, Data's search for information about Dr. Soong, or dealings with Lore. Worf's frequent dealings with the politics of the Klingon Empire, etc. Rather than just having BOFs fill a slot in your ship's equipment, why not use them as a platform to launch various quests? It's a relatively minor change, but one that would make STO's story far more engaging. At least in my opinion.

Lastly, I wouldn't mind seeing BOF's roles on board the ship detailed a little further. Rather than just having blank slots to equip a BOF in to, why not assign a Medical Officer, a Security Chief, and a Chief Engineer?
Again, a minor alteration... but one I think would make many players happy. (and would be easy to implement.)

Well, those are some of my ideas. In closing, I'd like to thank Cryptic for all their hard work. STO is a great game, and it's already been made better by the content you've released since launch. And also, thank you, whoever you are, for reading this long-winded rant. I hope it sparks some ideas of your own!