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05-25-2010, 06:18 AM
Originally Posted by Stingray10 View Post
Well Cryptic has somewhat a unique problem. They have created 2 factions with completely diferent mindsets. Many of the Feds want Peacefull sight seeing missions and the Klingons wants more run and gun game play. And since all we get are rehashed Fed content we eventually get what they ask for, at least you get to kill something LOL.
While this might all be true, I am not convinced that a Startrek player really expected to learn about a plot by the "Borg Government" to install one of their candidates on a neutral planet so that planet would join them.
Or about Borg looking for artifacts of their 3rd Dynasty. Or the Venexians whose religion seems to be to fear the return of their god and as a result turn every religious site from other races (even Hirogen!) into theirs, forcing me to kill countless of pilgrims...

There is also a large number of carnivorous plants that seem to emit energy readings we can detect from orbit, but which seem utterly harmless when you stand next to them. And don't forget that evil Phonians that would weaponize a plant or would sneakily beam close to debris from a sensor probe to lure us into a clever trap (well, that's what my tactical claims is one option). "That's their plan? Wile E. Coyote could come up with a better plan" [/Astronut]

The content leaves a lot to be desired. Just be glad about the easy XP for killing tribbles or the fun space combat stuff. And hope for the time they are improving their Genesis system to create better stories.